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On Iraqi Elections

The Americans should be calming down now that Iraq is showing signs of stabilization. Its a good thing the Iraqis have been able to have two National elections since Saddam was overthrown and killed. The American Coup is working now after so many sacrifices which had been counted a long time ago.

The Iraqis have decided their fate, and I think its high time for them to think out of the box. They have sacrificed their fellow brothers and sisters for so long now as a result of brainwashing and ideologies which to me are alien to the teachings of Religion they always claim to follow. No God can require people are killed in his name, that I doubt.

The Iraqis have proven they can control their nation. I am not saying they are safe from violence, it will take a long time for the various factions there in to come to terms with each other, but again there are positive signs.

I hope they continue to grow as a new nation. It is evident America will have a great influence in their development and upbringing, but these should be positive. They are tasked with creating a new nation which shall be responsible to itself and its children. Aspects I equally advocate for in Africa and in Cameroon.

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