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A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Specialist

I’m terrible at waking up — if I can get away with it, I’ll sleep till noon. The good thing is by then I am 4 hours old at work. To do that by, 6:00 AM I am alive. I reside at Makepe – Douala and getting to town is a bold task, one word “TRAFFIC”. The morning buzz is absolutely beautiful. Little kids off to school, business people running up and down and professionals on their way to work. Douala is busy.

For me, a working day as Recruitment Specialist is great – a fantastic job, actually. My job description in one sentence is “Find the best people for Camair-Co”. It is as exciting as I think it sounds. Its exploration, we explore people’s experiences and aspirations. It’s like going to the moon or to Mars, or looking over the horizon to somewhere you’ve never seen before. It’s exactly the same, except you’re doing it on a small scale and you must be sharp to catch the details. People’s appearance is not always reality.

By 8:30 AM, I reassure my Line Manager Boniface NGANGEH the interview hall is ready and paperwork is done. Now we just have to welcome our first candidate. It’s our hope he or she starts the day on the high for us.

By 1:00 PM we may have spoken to 6 or 7 people. Sometimes we have one good person other times we have none. But like I keep saying, we ride on.

Lunch time is a bit of a race for me. If you go at 13.10 the canteen is packed. Sometime I eat while standing. There’s a lot of mingling, fun and laughter — it’s legendary for that. We have brilliant chicken, Pork, and Pudding, really great elaborate things with French Fries, Miondo and Rice. My moment of clarity.

Sometimes I leave the interview panel at 2:00 PM, other times that’s when I begin. Vanessa LENGUE and I share panel sessions, we run a flexible timetable. My experience with every candidate is unique and that motivates me. Sometimes its fun, sometimes it’s a disappointment.

Whatever the period of the day, I always have pleasant routine activities. Finalizing core recruitment activities and screening other candidates for future interviews.

Work officially closes at 6:00 PM but I may go on for another hour, finalizing recruitment details for the next few days. Then it’s time to say goodnight to other colleagues and sign out.

I may get into other extra activities while heading home. Once home, I find pleasure getting into another moment of clarity. If I’m lucky, I watch news or football. Well I live with family, so I need to be lucky to watch those. Else you find a bevy of girls shouting at a screen, Nigerian movies cause that effect.  However, I can’t fall asleep without listening to BBC or reading something. At the moment my read is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, a master piece, I will not hesitate to recommend. A few pages, I’m off.

Like I mentioned in the first featured article of this sequel, recruitment involves many things. I spoke about integrity then. Now, I shall in a few lines talk about another aspect: Being Prepared.

Candidates as well as Panelists must prepare to meet and discuss intelligently. Good preparation always enables you stay professional. And all the time, the Recruitment Team of Camair-Co is. That’s our trademark, that’s what our candidates take home and that’s how we shall remain.

Mungai NFI

  1. Esty
    July 1, 2011 at 9:51 am

    As u said Mung’s being prepared is THE point. because we all know that prior planning prevent poor performance!let me speak(write,lol) in french now. la premiere foi que je suis arrivée pour l’interview avec les recruitments specialists de Camair-co i was full of stress,mais j’ai été blufée par votre jeunesse et votre maniere d’entretenir la conversation avec les candidats.j’en suis presque arrivée à oublier ce que j’avais prévue de dire.c’est vrai que ce n’est pas la viellesse qui a le monopole de la sagesse,mais on se demande comment vous faites,parceque pour faire votre boulo il faut voir au-delà des apparences,percevoir le moindre mensonge,le moindre faux-semblant, la moindre hypocrisie,ce qui se cache derrière chaque mots, chaque phrase,chaque mouvement;bref etre fin psychologue! en tout cas Chapeau-bas!vous faites du bon boulo. c’est vrai parfois aussi vous devez laisser quelques mauvais grais entre les mailles de vos filets,mais il faut de tout pour faire un monde!!! bonne recherche pour notre nouveau line manager!
    C’était Esty en direct de son standby a OCC!

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