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Coach Yourself to Success – Step 3 Take Action!

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” Peter Marshall

It is quite easy to decide the actions you need to do to meet your objective.  Trust me it is easy, all you need to do is THINK.  Take some time to do some thinking.  Many of us rush into things in a haphazard way.  When we fail to think we misdirect our efforts and end up giving up on our brilliant objectives.  All of a sudden things become hard and difficult.  It is recommended that we think  in a step-by-step manner.

To do this we need to:

  • Determine what needs to happen to move you towards your objective:
  • Know if you need to get a particular qualification, or sign up for a training course?
  • Know if you need help from someone like a personal trainer or mentor or coach?
  • Identify the things you need to sacrifice or the people you may need to part from.

In James’ case, he will sign up for a short course on presentation skills,  so that he can know the different types of presentations,  know how to analyze his audience,  understand the structure of an effective presentation and finally  practice a few presentation techniques.  That way after a few sessions, he will gradually overcome his stage fright.  That is what I call in simple words “Taking Action.”

Choose actions that will take you slightly out of your comfort zone.  Allow yourself to take more risks, because the limitations we experience in life are often  ones that we create for ourselves through fear and sometimes lack of confidence.  If you had no fear of failure and you believed that you would succeed,  what would you do? So what do you need to start doing today? You got it! Take Action because it’s up to you!

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