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Coach Yourself to Success – Step 4: Be Passionate

“A strong passion for any object will ensure success,

for the desire of the end will point out the means.” 

William Hazlitt

Choose to do what you really care about, and really want to happen – otherwise, you know you won’t do it! Short, something you love.

If I asked you to list 5 people you admire and aspire to emulate or surpass, we may on that list have way more than five names. We have idols, mentors – short, people we love.  Why do we identify ourselves with these people? Probably because they are successful at what they do and have to varying levels motivated others to follow suit.

To register this level of success, you must be passionate about what you do. The idea is to do what you love and love what you do (familiar?)

Once we discover our passion, the rest falls in. My big sister Kibonen Nfi is passionate about fashion. After a few good corporate jobs in Cameroon, she went further to explore American education and business life. While there she developed a passion for designing and image consulting. Guess what, thanks to her passion she and another hardworking woman Anrette Ngafor started and are developing KiRette Couture, a mixture of contemporary style and traditional embroidery. The passion and work they are putting in already gives me glimpses of the success that shall come their way. They are rocking! We too could be like or even go beyond them. It’s up to us.

Always think you will succeed. This way you find yourself approaching your new objective with much more conviction and determination. I am fond of that. I see myself all the time delivering training sessions of epic proportions. These thoughts enable me do my best to “show” each time I have the opportunity.

As you get on, keep replaying memories of successes from the past, thinking about your idols and focus on those while you plan. Until you see yourself as successful, and until you remind yourself that you’ve achieved many things in the past, you’re unlikely to achieve your goal to the degree you really want. This is because many of us seem to have a natural tendency to focus on the negative, and on our perceived failures.

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