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Blogs I Read

Below is a list of blogs I read once in a while. The common thing between them is that they are owned by individual JCI Members and Local Organizations. I encourage you to check them for inspiration, glimpses of untold JCI stories and other useful information and tips.

 Joe Ndzulo http://joendzulo.com/

A Girl Named Jillian http://jillianwalker.wordpress.com/

A year as Local President in JCI Göteborg http://jcigbg.wordpress.com/

Filipe Carrera http://filipecarrera.blogspot.com/

Gogorichie by Richard Lewis http://gogorichie.com (who inspired me to post this list)

Inspiring Creativity Trainer Harald Lepisk http://creativity.trainings.ee/

JC Nasri http://jcimasterskill.blogspot.com/

JCI UK Blog http://www.jciuk.org.uk/blog/

JCI Zimbabwe http://jcizim.blogspot.com

Marciano S. Lie A. Young http://marcianolieayoung.wordpress.com/

Mentor Guru by Thor-Erik http://mentorguru.info/

Papi’s Blog http://iampapi.wordpress.com/

Personal Branding & Communication by Solveig Malvik http://total-presence.com/

Sofie Sandell http://sofiesandell.posterous.com/

Tabenda Felixreal http://ftabenda.blogspot.com/

I will update the list by adding the new links below. In the mean time, you can leave your blog’s/site link (or a friend’s) as a comment below.

Thank you

  1. September 1, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    Thanks for the helpful blog.

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