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A Good Speech, An Eloquent Speaker

I have been doing public speeches for seven years and many times people have told me I am not that bad. Many people find it complex to speak to a crowd. Of course its normal, tension creeps in. I too get tensed and panic and even shiver, but the essence is to keep on.  I share with you what I do, simple and practical points you could implement immediately you read this.

Imagine for a second we get into the nitty-gritty of Public Speaking and Presentations. I would have to tell you about, Presentation Types, Audience Analysis, Effective Presentations, Presentation Content etc. Well I got all that summed up below. Do these and you would be great at Public Speaking.
A good SPEECH has to be
• Sensible to the aspirations and need of the audience.
• Persuasive to make your audience accept your views as credible.
• Expressive to ensure your audience understands you and what you say.
• Enthusiastic to keep your audience eager to learn more.
• Convincing to make your audience come back to you for more learning experiences
• Helpful to provide knowledge and enhance learning for your audience

A good speaker should have ELOQUENCE
• Earnestness – You should be honest and sincere. Do not tell lies to enhance your message
• Language – Articulate well and be clear in speech
• Observant – To know among your audience those experienced in your topic of presentation and thus use them to enrich your presentation.
• Quick-witted – Be smart
• Useful intention – Your message should be useful, make sure you provide added information for your audience
• Enthusiastic – Be keen to learn from others and make sure you enhance their learning too.
• Need-oriented – Your message should address issues that will go a long way to solve the problems of your audience and increase their knowledge.
• Confident – Master you body, master your speech, control your audience and never forget to prepare.
• Empathetic – Have feeling for your audience. Don’t violate their trust and the fact that they have taken time to come to listen to you.

Remember; “The power of speech is a great blessing of God, and he who knows how to use it well becomes a leader and exerts great influence in society and among friends.”

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