Your 2012!

This is a great time to set the goals you need for success in 2012 and beyond.

Everywhere you go people are talking about their Goals and Resolutions for 2012. In the back of your mind, you might find yourself thinking about things that leave you uncertain, like the direction your life will take, will your business thrive, will you get that promotion, or will this economy get better. Things that beat our control.

Come December 31st 2012, I am not sure we would have realized all we think about now. However based on my little experience and training, and what I tell others in my training sessions and based on my observations about human relations, I would, for 2012, say this. You will get only what you commit yourself to.

  1. What you think about.
  2. What you plan
  3. What you focus on
  4. What you become.
  5. What you believe.

These will give you results. Because you would have prepared yourself, your mental, physical, spiritual and psychological energies will be affected, hence your attitude.

Many people may have written Resolutions for 2012 but that’s all they did. (Some people didn’t even write it down!) – Guess what? I did not write, but it is clear in my mind the things I am going to change. Those shall constitute my next article, and then would I have written them down and will be ready to act on them. Others do not even realize a new year has dawned and have to change certain things. Well for two reasons maybe they are already focused or maybe they just don’t care.

People choose a sector of their lives to focus on, forgetting to look at their lives globally. Hence when results they expect are hard to come by they wonder why. Get this little and simple secret. When you commit to a Goal, even when things don’t go as planned, you are always better off for making the effort. So, ACT ON YOUR GOALS.

Happy New Year!

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