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“…But I Wanna Win!”

My sister Nya-nyo has three amazing kids. Javan, Jayla and little Jasmine. I guess she has a thing with the letter “J”. For the first time in 17 years she decided to come back home to Cameroon with her family. They are now in Bamenda with my parents. Trust me they are having a wonderful time. For children who had never been to Cameroon before, I must say they are adapting just fine to our realities. Nya-nyo too is doing great. It’s like she never left. Old habits die hard they say.

Children love to play. Rolling on the floor, kicking stuff, drawing stuff, climbing on older people, you name it. And in all of this, they always want to have things go their way. They always want to win. They do not get tired as long as they enjoy and have a good time. They are beaming with energy. Have you ever been with an inquisitive kid? The secret is patience. Try to answer their questions as clearly as possible, if not more will keep coming. You learn a lot from these interactions. That has been my experience with the “three musketeers” (that’s how I call them).

A nice evening while bonding, we decided to play Scrabble. I am good at it. Three teams were formed. Nya-nyo/Javan, Mams/Hans and Jayla/Mungai. Team Jayla was leading the scoreboard, sure of winning, so sure they rested on their laurels and at the end, team Javan claimed the game. Jayla was so disappointed and sad. I decided to console her, saying I deliberately let team Javan win so they would be happy and that she had nothing to worry about. After all it was just a game with no significance. Well Jayla response made me understand one thing.

Most of the time, as adults, we tend to minimize things which may be very important to other people. And this hurts them. When we undertake to do things, our victory is in getting these things accomplished irrespective of how trivial they are. Once done, we win that battle and move on to others. When external forces want to influence us to deviate from our desires and loose with our tasks, like I was trying to do with Jayla, turn around, look them in the eye and like Jayla, say with firmness; “but I wanna win!” 



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