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Short Reading: President’s Words

This is a speech I had made back in 2009, when I was President of JCI Bamenda. Read it today, it still made sense to me. This was made to welcome all JCI Cameroon members to Bamenda on the occasion of the JCI Cameroon National General Assembly our Local Organization hosted under my leadership.  Thought I share, it may just make you understand a bit more about JCI.

Dear JCI Members,

Once again a new opportunity has come for us to meet and exchange enriching experiences. The second National General Assembly enables us look back at our local actions in our communities and re-invites us to consolidate positive influences by exemplifying our “active citizens” ethos.

JCI Bamenda, the ROYALTY of JCI Cameroon is happy to host you all for this event. We stand another chance to play our roles to the hilt. This will be done by going back into the second quarter to view the loads we signed on and how good they have been.

Today, JCI prides itself to be the leading organization keen to the aspirations of the global community and its members. That is why it offers continuous development opportunities which enable us counter the feel of faded glory and hope our nation seems to depict.

Excited by our gathering, we encourage you all to grab the opportunities to build human capital, develop capacities, augment your social power and equally explore the legendary North western hospitality reserved for the kings your are.

So, mark your dairies and agendas and muster enough strength to be here with us on the 24th – 25th of July 2009.

Mungai NFI

10th President – JCI Bamenda ROYAL

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