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JCI Cameroon Public Speaking Competition

September 7, 2012 Leave a comment


The JCI Cameroon Public Speaking Championship comes up during the National Convention in Bamenda early next month. It shall offer YOU a unique opportunity to exercise and showcase YOUR abilities and to share ideas on an important National Issue that Cameroonian‘s hold dear. A speech competition requires a special kind of public speaking, challenging participants to express creative ideas in a clear and captivating manner.

Public speaking is a critical skill of a leader and YOU are a leader. A leader who can motivate people towards positive change

Get these Tips!!!
1. Every well-prepared speech should have an introduction, which shall enable YOU, capture the attention of the audience
2. A body featuring the YOUR message
3. And a powerful conclusion summarizing YOUR arguments.

Benefits of Participating!!!
1. This competition shall give every participant a way to express their thoughts to others in an exciting and challenging way.
2. YOU shall be drawn into the spotlight to challenge issues that shall influence the “Future of Cameroon”
3. YOU shall have the opportunity to build your confidence and public speaking skills

This year, the topic during the National Convention as validated by our National President shall be “Cameroon’s Emergence by 2035 – Challenges and Perspectives”

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