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Harnessing the power of the Diaspora: I Am Cameroon

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Je Suis Le Cameroun

In the last year, I Am Cameroon has grown from just an idea to a movement that seeks to transform the future of a people – the people of Cameroon.

We have seen interest grow from the launch in Douala on April 11, 2013, spreading across the country to Buea, Yaoundé with Limbe with plans for similar launches in Bamenda, Garoua and Baffousam. This wave of growing interest shows that the people of Cameroon are yearning for something different.

As the movement spreads in Cameroon, it is now time for the Diaspora to take its rightful place in the movement.

All across the world, there is a Cameroonian Diaspora that departed to seek prosperity abroad with the intention of returning later to a Cameroon with more opportunity. Unfortunately more often than not, that journey has not worked out as envisaged.

Cameroon has not evolved that much. Progress has been painfully…

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How I Market Myself!

March 10, 2014 2 comments

In my last article, I related people to products. Like products, people too need to sell themselves, share their skills and competencies and communicate what they stand for, what they represent, in-short, who they are.

 Today, I share with you in simple tips what I do to market myself. If these tips have worked for me (as a teenager, I was very timid, clumsy and shy) in getting a job, developing personally and improving on my social power, it is my conviction they shall certainly work for you.

As you read, please feel free to share your thoughts and questions with me directly. You shall have answers. Enjoy #JobCareerBootCamp

To standout, you must be outstanding. This means you must do things differently. You must go out of your way to get noticed. This is what I have done!

 I have developed a Clear and Concise Message: I Created a 30 to 60-second statement that clearly explains what I do, and what I stand for and how it provides a solution to the market. I have made this message my mission statement and raison d’être. I Practice it daily and share with my targeted audience and trust me, they react to it.

 I have joined Networking Groups: I meet and discuss with important people on weekly basis; if I had to meet these same people in their offices, I would have less time to expatiate on my clear message. Meeting them at these networking events enables me explain in detail what I do, how it helps and how they can benefit.  Networking events are solid platforms to share your competencies and skills and build your social power. Engage with the people you meet and have collateral material you can share. So find out about local networking events in your community and join them, a year from today you would have learned a lot and probably nailed that job or that contract.

 I have created Collateral Material: My approach is made practical by the gadgets I use. I wear lapel pins that attract people to find out what these lapel pins stand for. I have business cards for all my business interests which I willingly share. I have short write-ups that I hand out to people who may not be able to give me the discussion time I would love to have. I keep these gadgets simple and attractive and am always ready to draw them out and or talk about what they represent.

 I focus on my Core Competencies: I am aware of my skills and competencies. I am realistic about what I can do, and what I cannot do I do not venture to explore especially when at an interview or when networking with industry leaders and risers. I know my target market for every business venture I undertake. I avoid spending time trying to meet people who do not fit within my areas of competence.

 I have developed Alliance Partners: I have formed strategic partnerships with others who are in the same field as I. These alliances can be as simple as sharing contacts and leads, or they might take on a more formal structure. Either way, the goal is to broaden your reach beyond your own network.

 I am in the process of becoming an Industry Leader: I have noticed that people like to listen to subject matter experts. Therefore, I look for opportunities to share my skills and talents by writing articles, participating in TV and Radio debates or lecturing on a topic within my area of expertise. I deliver courses at local and community level that give me exposure, which to me is the greatest reward.

I effectively use Social media: Many of us don’t yet know the power of social media as a personal marketing tool. We all have Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts but use them for the fun of it and not for sales purposes. Social media is my virtual sales person. I share my ideas and thoughts on my blog at I have an “All-Star” Profile Strength on LinkedIn which I use to connect with People and sell my skills. I encourage my contacts to endorse me, that way; my skills are further exposed to potential recruiters. I follow groups and companies that are suitable for my career development and business interests. I use Twitter @MungaiNfi where I share my tweets. Tweets are instant messages of what happening in your circle. I use Google+ and Facebook for the same reasons, I share my thoughts and pictures of my events, I create groups and pages and events which are published free and reach everyone in my network. I love pictures, they tell my story so I use Pinterest and Instagram for these. Reading this, you may think I spend my time on social sites. Actually, there is an option to link all your social sites such that when you publish a post on one, it appears on the rest. That is what I have done, and that is why I am present socially. Thus when I post on my blog, it appears on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, the pictures I post are linked to the same sites as well as Pinterest and Instagram.

Now you know what I do, try doing the same and even more. You can be different and develop better ways of doing what I do. For me, it’s working.

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