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We are 3000 Strong

November 25, 2014 1 comment

Je Suis Le Cameroun

In the movie “300,” what captivates me is that it involves a legendary last stand by 300 committed Spartans against a teeming horde of Persian soldiers.

So brave and strong are the Spartans that they skewer, eviscerate, take lives and otherwise inconvenience tens of thousands of Persians before finally falling to the weight of overwhelming numbers, all in a bid to prevent the Persians from destroying Greece. Inspired by the sacrifice of the 300, the Persians later had to face a larger Greek army 40,000 strong, led by 10,000 Spartans. Well, for the rest, go watch!

Among the many lessons in the movie, I choose to focus on this one in particular: how a small group of committed people can inspire and engage thousands to join a cause.

When we started the I am #Cameroon movement 18 months ago, we knew it would be an uphill task. We knew it…

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