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We don’t Want

July 29, 2015 Leave a comment

I am Cameroon video against Boko Haram. Watch and share!

Inspired by the mission of the I Am Cameroon Movement a group of young Cameroonians make a strong statement against Boko Haram. This is what the movement seeks to accomplish; inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians to accept and assume responsibility for the future of Cameroon. This is just an avant gout a soon coming CD’s which will be available in stores all over Cameroon next Tuesday March 31st.To learn more about the I Am Cameroon please visit our website and show your support. Click link below, Watch and Share. Please share this video link and enjoy!


32 and Counting…

January 23, 2015 3 comments

Profile_Pic_2012It’s my birthday; I am 32 (getting better, not older). I am elated. I received many messages YOU all sent and my slight regret is in not being able to thank everybody personally.

Today, I choose to share with you my birthday wish. I wish for a Cameroon where Cameroonians focus on what unites and not what divides. Where we do what is right and not what is convenient. A country where collective interests are prime over individual interests

This I cannot accomplish alone, but I can solicit your assistance because as you all expressed your desire to see me happy, this is what shall make me happy. Join me and together we shall inspire Cameroonians to bring about positive change. Join me and we shall engage in a tireless effort to ensure there is social justice in our neighborhoods, communities and businesses. Join me and we shall ensure the 50 years ahead are better than the 50 years passed. Let’s make this our reason for living.

Let’s rally like-minded people and encourage them to challenge the status-quo irrespective of where they are. Let’s inspire many more people all over that the world; that change happens because people like us make it happen. Let’s be responsible enough so that our countrymen can trust us with their hopes and aspirations. Let’s tell our children that henceforth we are resolving to lay a solid platform for them to crawl, walk, run and fly. This mission of ours is not political, if anything we are non-partisan, it is about a cultural change, a change in mentality of the people. It is a simple idea which says – I am Cameroon, you are Cameroon, we are Cameroon, we are responsible to provide solutions to the challenges of our beloved country.

I remain grateful to you for your encouragements, mentoring and affection. I resolve to accomplish, if not take this mission to greater heights and for this, I will need the “many more years” you wished me.


My Message, My Dreams

April 23, 2014 3 comments

Fellow Country men

Profile_Pic_2012For the last twelve months I have been spreading a new message to Cameroonians. A message aimed at igniting positive change in Cameroon. Now more than ever before have I felt it is time for you and I to unite for change. Now more than ever before is the moment to take our destiny in our hands and build the country we want and not the country we have. We did not sign up for this, we know that those who fought for our independence did not sacrifice their blood, sweat and tears for this. We know our children will not forgive us if they mature in the Cameroon of today, tomorrow.

Everywhere I have been; I have told Cameroonians that nobody will change our country for us. I have made them understand that even if someone wanted, we would not let them. Why? Because our history reminds me; we are a proud nation, an intelligent citizenry, an enlightened people. People who dare to do.

Working with a group of young and talented Cameroonians, we have rallied like-minded people and called on them to challenge the status quo and inspired many more Cameroonians all over that the world; that change happens because people like us make it happen. That change has come to Cameroon and that our countrymen can trust us with their hopes and aspirations. We are telling our children that a year ago (and henceforth) we resolved to lay a solid platform for them to crawl, walk, run and fly.

I dream of a Cameroon where the feel of faded glory and hope no longer exists. Where Cameroonians focus on what unites and not what divides. Where we do what is right and not what is convenient. Where national interests prime over individual interests which are often disloyal in nature.


I may not live to see this, whatever the case, haven taken the lead and risen to the occasion, that of assuming responsibility for the destiny of my Country would constitute the apex of self-gratification and then would I rest in peace.

Every generation has its mission, this is ours, join in. A generation that betrays its struggle destroys the future of its people.

I am Cameroon

Event 3

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Tips for Marketing Yourself/Business

September 28, 2011 12 comments
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The million dollar question answered.

Focus on Your Core Competencies: Know your target market and the value your product or service will bring to them. Focus your marketing efforts towards these groups. Avoid spending time trying to meet people you cannot serve or work for.

Develop a Clear and Concise Message: Create a 30 to 60-second statement that clearly explains what you do, for whom, and why your target audience should listen to you. Have this message become your mission statement and raison d’être. Practice your message and notice how your target audience reacts to it.

Create Collateral Materials: Nothing says you are practical more than having corporate gadgets, business cards, etc. Keep it all simple, and do not order more than a 3-6 month supply of printed materials. Once these pieces are in place, do not be shy about using them.

Join Networking Groups: Join or form one or two networking groups with people you do not know very well. Tell people what you do and what your goals and interests are. Help others by connecting them with potential suppliers, employers and opportunities. In time, they will return the favor to you.

Network Every Day: Networking is not limited to groups and networking meetings. Carry your business cards with you at all times and be prepared to talk about yourself at a moment’s notice. Your next hot prospect might be sitting behind you at the next table.

Leverage Your Current Customers (for your business place): Happy customers are your best sales people – ask them to offer testimonials and/or references for prospects. Consider establishing a customer referral program, and offer free/discounted services or a monetary reward for every customer that they recommend.

Develop Alliance Partners: Form strategic partnerships with others who are in the same field as you. These alliances can be as simple as sharing contacts and leads, or they might take on a more formal structure. Either way, the goal is to broaden your reach beyond your own network.

Be an Industry Leader: People like to listen to subject matter experts. Therefore, look for opportunities to share your skills and talents by writing articles or lecturing on a topic within your area of expertise. Even teaching a night course at the local college or community level will give you added exposure.

Don’t be Afraid to Try: If you are serious about growth, spend time outside your comfort zone and try new things. Sometimes new ideas will work, and other times they won’t. Either way, the process will teach you something new and valuable about yourself and your business.

Brainstorm with Others: You are in business for yourself, but that does not mean you need to have all the answers yourself. Whether you are a natural-born marketer or one that sees marketing concepts as completely foreign, kick around ideas with others whose opinions and values you trust. You never know where your next “big idea” will come from.

Things We Love!

July 6, 2011 2 comments

“Do what you love, love what you do and the world will come to you” Anonymous

Guess what? I read that quote on my mom’s T-Shirt many years ago. Makes any sense? Well I think so. These days, telling people to do what they love is no longer in style. I think people have gradually come to realize that the best way to grow in life is to do what they are passionate about, what they care about, what they feel strongly for, short – what they love.

Human beings are social. Therefore, we like to explore, do the undone, create and test. We get busy in the name of fun. Well this “fun” can hurt others. If we are given the freedom to do all we love, I can only imagine what would be left of this world.

What do I love? Woof many things! Let me be real. I love my family (thank God for them) – awesome people. Like you all, I would never trade them for anything or anyone. Love life, it’s full of beautiful things and people, myself, my friends, my job (well maybe because I get paid, nah I am passionate about training), I love money (come on, who doesn’t?), travelling, basketball, kati kati, women, debates on sports and politics, movies, music, the charisma of aircrafts, a big laugh, poems of Black Africa, a beautiful view, Obama’s oratory, designs by KiRette Couture, wrist watches. The list is long. The major lesson I learned when expressing my love for things and people is, sometimes I hurt others. And the emotions I provoke in them most often escape me.

Our passions are conditioned by people around us, by rules, regulations, circumstances and our own values. Thus we have limits. We are called upon to make choices and sacrifices for others.

Yes we do what we love, we love what we do, the world coming to us is a metaphor for the joy we feel when doing the things we love.

Take some time to think more about what you love, make a list if you like. But also see where and how the things you love affect others, especially negatively and try to make some sacrifices.

Have a splendid day!

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