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Inspirational Talks With…

September 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Last Friday, my friends from @Cameroon Ô’Bosso invited me to lead an inspirational discussion with 30 young people, on how being self disciplined leads to success. Pondering on the subject, I asked myself if I was a suitable pick for such an arguably sensitive theme.

Firstly, I resist the thoughts of considering myself a successful person. To me, I am still leaping towards success. Secondly, success is relative. There is no universally accepted measure for success. Everybody determines what success is. It may be related to having a great job, forming and developing a family, engaging in philanthropy etc.

Whatever success is to you, it is important to know how to get there. As my young friends honored me by listening, I made them understand we all were in the quest for success. It starts with us knowing what we want to do, knowing our “life desired outcome” and accomplishing the tasks that will get us there. Once this is done, all what we need to do is work hard and be self-disciplined.

In closing, they understood that they were the leaders, the legislators and auditors of their lives. Respecting the principles, values and processes they have identified, necessary to get them to desired success remains above all a matter of choice.

As you start your week, choose to succeed by working hard and staying disciplined. This should apply with what you want to realize today, this week, month, year as well as in your lives. Awesome week Y’all!



Coach Yourself to Success – The Sequel

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

“A person who is active in higher learning soon becomes an individual in higher earning”  Michael Gulliver

Why do so many people use personal trainers to help them get fit? After all, this level of one-to-one attention costs good money! One reason is that an experienced professional can help you get more out of the time you spend in the gym, by suggesting what you should work on, and by motivating you to work hard on this.

The same is true of working with a career or life coach.

But stop a minute! Despite the popularity of personal trainers, large numbers of people can be seen exercising in gyms, or running through parks on their own. They’ve worked out what they should be doing for themselves, and they’ve motivated themselves to get out there and do it.

Its been 9 months since I had any form of physical exercise. Guess what? I used to be a great at basketball. My new job and environment took me away from the game. In the past my team mates used to motivate me to get running and shooting hoops, once I left their company, I became LOUSY. After writing this article, I resumed exercise by doing long distance running and now I am back on the court. I feel better, smarter and stronger. This has a positive effect on my output at work. I am my life coach!

Be your own life coach! You can take this self-coaching approach to  your career or life issues too.

In this article, I share five steps that many professional career and life coaches help their clients take – so that you can apply this approach to your own life! These five steps shall feature as articles for the next five days. I get many enriching ideas from

Step 1: Know What You Want

It’s very easy to find things you’re NOT happy with and to get stuck in that negative state of mind. At this stage, coaches often hear comments like “No one at work takes me seriously”; “I need to lose weight, but I can’t”; or “My boss is so frustrating; or I have lost confidence in myself; or “Everything I touch goes wrong”

But if you want things to change, then you need to identify what you DO want and WOULD be happy with.

Other people have only a vague idea of what they want, and they never take the time to be more specific. This means that they have a certain amount of success, but, because they’re never fully committed to one particular direction, they can only get so far.

To get past this, coaches encourage their clients to explore this problem to find its real cause. For example, my friend Lucia may feel that her career is going nowhere because “no one takes me seriously.” She might discover that this is because she takes on all the small tasks in the team, and, because of this, she doesn’t have time to work on the big ideas that would show her potential for promotion.

Often, people start feeling that they’re “victims,” and that the source of their problem lies outside their control. For instance, a frustrating boss won’t go away, or weight can’t be lost. Sometimes, its our attitude or response that contributes to aggravating our problems.

With the cause identified, “what you want” is the reverse of that situation. Your new thoughts become “I am focused on important tasks”; “I am clear about what I should and should not do to lose weight”; or “I am relaxed about my boss changing his mind.”

Think of the things you are comfortable with, try boosting your confidence, accept the realities and look at the bright side of things. We must Learn to Help ourselves and be built like concrete blocks!


Stay connected for step 2!

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