Message to Champions – 29th July 2015

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Lutte Contre Boko Haram – Nouveaux Dispositifs de Sécurité

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Je Suis Le Cameroun

Conférence de Presse du Gouverneur du Littoral sur les Nouveaux dispositifs de sécurité


1- Les agences de voyage doivent avoir des appareils détecteurs de métaux pour celles qui n’en ont pas encore

2- Le gouverneur demande aux transporteurs d’avoir des bordereaux qui mentionnent la date de naissance et le lieu de résidence du voyage en plus de toutes les infos de la cni (nom, prénom, etc…)

3- Le gouverneur demande aux patrons que les ramassages en route soient interdits

4- Les numéros d’appels d’urgence et les numéros internes de chaque compagnie doivent être affichés dans les bus en cas de besoin

5- Les agences doivent être débarrassées des activités inutiles et n’être consacrées qu’aux embarquements et débarquements des passagers

6- Le gouverneur demande de signaler tout passager qui parle un dialecte bizarre, ou “un genre un genre” (charabia)

7- Le personnel à bord des voyages doit être formé sur la…

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State of Insecurity – Public Guidance

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Je Suis Le Cameroun

With regards to the recent terrorist attacks in the North and specifically in Maroua a few days ago, the attached communique has been sent out by General Secretariat of the Presidency for public guidance.


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We don’t Want

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I am Cameroon video against Boko Haram. Watch and share!

Inspired by the mission of the I Am Cameroon Movement a group of young Cameroonians make a strong statement against Boko Haram. This is what the movement seeks to accomplish; inspire, educate and engage Cameroonians to accept and assume responsibility for the future of Cameroon. This is just an avant gout a soon coming CD’s which will be available in stores all over Cameroon next Tuesday March 31st.To learn more about the I Am Cameroon please visit our website and show your support. Click link below, Watch and Share. Please share this video link and enjoy!

32 and Counting…

January 23, 2015 3 comments

Profile_Pic_2012It’s my birthday; I am 32 (getting better, not older). I am elated. I received many messages YOU all sent and my slight regret is in not being able to thank everybody personally.

Today, I choose to share with you my birthday wish. I wish for a Cameroon where Cameroonians focus on what unites and not what divides. Where we do what is right and not what is convenient. A country where collective interests are prime over individual interests

This I cannot accomplish alone, but I can solicit your assistance because as you all expressed your desire to see me happy, this is what shall make me happy. Join me and together we shall inspire Cameroonians to bring about positive change. Join me and we shall engage in a tireless effort to ensure there is social justice in our neighborhoods, communities and businesses. Join me and we shall ensure the 50 years ahead are better than the 50 years passed. Let’s make this our reason for living.

Let’s rally like-minded people and encourage them to challenge the status-quo irrespective of where they are. Let’s inspire many more people all over that the world; that change happens because people like us make it happen. Let’s be responsible enough so that our countrymen can trust us with their hopes and aspirations. Let’s tell our children that henceforth we are resolving to lay a solid platform for them to crawl, walk, run and fly. This mission of ours is not political, if anything we are non-partisan, it is about a cultural change, a change in mentality of the people. It is a simple idea which says – I am Cameroon, you are Cameroon, we are Cameroon, we are responsible to provide solutions to the challenges of our beloved country.

I remain grateful to you for your encouragements, mentoring and affection. I resolve to accomplish, if not take this mission to greater heights and for this, I will need the “many more years” you wished me.


We are 3000 Strong

November 25, 2014 1 comment

Je Suis Le Cameroun

In the movie “300,” what captivates me is that it involves a legendary last stand by 300 committed Spartans against a teeming horde of Persian soldiers.

So brave and strong are the Spartans that they skewer, eviscerate, take lives and otherwise inconvenience tens of thousands of Persians before finally falling to the weight of overwhelming numbers, all in a bid to prevent the Persians from destroying Greece. Inspired by the sacrifice of the 300, the Persians later had to face a larger Greek army 40,000 strong, led by 10,000 Spartans. Well, for the rest, go watch!

Among the many lessons in the movie, I choose to focus on this one in particular: how a small group of committed people can inspire and engage thousands to join a cause.

When we started the I am #Cameroon movement 18 months ago, we knew it would be an uphill task. We knew it…

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Inspirational Talks With…

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Last Friday, my friends from @Cameroon Ô’Bosso invited me to lead an inspirational discussion with 30 young people, on how being self disciplined leads to success. Pondering on the subject, I asked myself if I was a suitable pick for such an arguably sensitive theme.

Firstly, I resist the thoughts of considering myself a successful person. To me, I am still leaping towards success. Secondly, success is relative. There is no universally accepted measure for success. Everybody determines what success is. It may be related to having a great job, forming and developing a family, engaging in philanthropy etc.

Whatever success is to you, it is important to know how to get there. As my young friends honored me by listening, I made them understand we all were in the quest for success. It starts with us knowing what we want to do, knowing our “life desired outcome” and accomplishing the tasks that will get us there. Once this is done, all what we need to do is work hard and be self-disciplined.

In closing, they understood that they were the leaders, the legislators and auditors of their lives. Respecting the principles, values and processes they have identified, necessary to get them to desired success remains above all a matter of choice.

As you start your week, choose to succeed by working hard and staying disciplined. This should apply with what you want to realize today, this week, month, year as well as in your lives. Awesome week Y’all!


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